The wireless networks

The University of Melbourne provides wireless network access to staff, students and visitors across all University buildings and grounds.

Below you will find guides that explain how to connect to the University's wireless networks.

Note: Connect2UoM provides instructions to setup your device on the wireless network

Terms of Use

All University staff, students and authorised users of University IT infrastructure should familiarise themselves with the University’s IT and wireless terms of use.

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    The following outlines the University of Melbourne wireless terms of use:

    This is the University of Melbourne’s wireless network system (the network). Access to the network, including all related equipment, networks, and network devices (including internet access) and electronic resources at the University of Melbourne is restricted to employees, students, or other individuals authorised by the University. In addition to these terms, supplementary terms set out on a University website may apply to your access and use of that website. By accessing and using a University website you agree to be bound by and comply with the applicable terms.

    This network may be monitored by the University for the following activities:

    • to ensure that the use is authorised;
    • for the management of the network and related University systems and services;
    • to investigate the use of the network for breach of any laws or University policies;
    • to assist in obtaining analytical data relating to the use of the network and the physical University campus, eg future planning for space/infrastructure management.

    In carrying out these activities personal information may be collected including (but not limited to) the following: account usernames, IP addresses, MAC addresses and network activity. For more information regarding how the University collects and uses personal information, please see the University’s website privacy statement

    Use of the system is subject to all applicable laws and University policies and processes including: Information Security Policy (MPF1270) and Provision and Provision and Acceptable Use of IT Policy (MPF1314) and Privacy Policy (MPF1104) (as amended from time to time).

    University policies can be found at:

    University processes can be found at:

    Unauthorised use is prohibited and may result in administrative and/or legal action. If you do not understand this notice, disconnect immediately, do not proceed further and contact the Service Centre on +61 8344 0888.

These terms apply to the use of University computer systems, equipment, networks, network devices and electronic services and resources.

They refer to the Information Security Policy (MPF1270), the Provision and Acceptable Use of IT Policy (MPF1314) and the Privacy Policy (MPF1104).