Frequently asked questions

Common questions

  • What are Connect2UoM and UniWireless?

    Connect2UoM is a broadcasted wireless network to help you set up your personal device to connect to the UniWireless network. It provides access to a set-up wizard and wireless support information at your fingertips, without having to search for solutions or visit a service desk.

    UniWireless is the wireless network for staff and students. It allows students and staff to connect to the network on-campus and access University computing resources such as the Internet.

  • Is Connect2UoM a replacement for UniWireless?

    No, UniWireless is the wireless network for staff and students. Once you have set up your device using Connect2UoM, you should connect to the UniWireless network on-campus to access the Internet.

  • Do I have to use Connect2UoM?

    No, Connect2UoM is an additional means of support provided for your convenience. It enables you to access support material anytime within coverage areas (such as lecture theaters or classrooms) without requiring an alternative Internet connection.

    You may also set up your device using the guides available on the ITS website or in hardcopy at library service desks.

  • Should I use Connect2UoM if my device is already connected to UniWireless?

    No, you may continue to use UniWireless on your device as normal.

Connecting to UniWireless


  • How do I connect to UniWireless?

    In order to connect to UniWireless, you must first set up your device.

    You can set up your device automatically using the device configuration tool or manually using a configuration guide while on-campus. Printed versions of the guides are also available at library service desks.

  • Why do I have to set up my device?

    UniWireless is a secure network and therefore requires once-off configuration of your device. It also allows your device to connect automatically when you walk back onto campus without any login prompts.

  • The device configuration tool does not work on my device. What should I do?

    You will need to configure your device manually using a configuration guide while on-campus.

  • I keep being asked for my username and password. What is wrong?

    Your device may have incorrect credentials or settings permanently saved and you have been locked out of the system for 15 minutes due to too many unsuccessful login attempts.

    Try running the device configuration tool again with your correct username and password. If this does not work, visit to reset you password. You may wish to try creating a new password.

    If you are repeatedly prompted for your credentials within the web browser, you may have entered an incorrect password or you have exceeded your weekly quota.

  • My device says I am connected but I cannot access anything. What is wrong?

    Ensure that your device is set to obtain IP addresses automatically and disable any proxy settings within your browser. This is resolved automatically for many devices using the device configuration tool.

    If the problem persists, your firewall may be blocking connections or there may be another issue with your device. Please visit an IT support helpdesk for assistance.

  • I have just changed my password. How do I update it on my device?

    Most devices will now prompt for the correct password and will remember the changes. If this does not work, run the device configuration tool again with your correct username and password.

  • What wireless standards are supported on UniWireless?

    At present, 802.11a/g devices are supported. Support will be available in some areas for 802.11n in the near future and is backward compatible with 802.11a/g. Archaic 802.11b devices are no longer supported.

Automatic device configuration

  • What is Cloudpath XpressConnect?

    The Cloudpath XpressConnect software can be used by University of Melbourne staff and students to assist with the device configuration process for access to the wireless network. The software is also able to diagnose and resolve minor issues that may be experienced when connecting to the wireless network.

    Depending on the device or platform, the software will make configuration changes that include but are not limited to the following:

    • Installation of UniWireless or Eduroam profile with appropriate security certificates
    • Disables conflicting third-party wireless software
    • Sets device to obtain network settings automatically

    Note: If you feel uncomfortable installing third party software on your device, we recommend that you manually set up your device using a configuration guide.

    Supported platforms

    The following platforms are supported by Cloudpath XpressConnect:

    • Windows XP SP2 and greater
    • Mac OSX Tiger 10.4 and greater
    • Apple iOS 2.0 and greater
    • Android 2.1 and greater
    • Ubuntu 9.04 and greater

    Note: Windows RT mobile devices are currently unsupported due to device limitations.

  • I have connected to Connect2UoM but nothing happens. What should I do?

    First try opening your web browser and type in any external website. If the support website is not displayed, disable any proxy settings in your web browser(s), disconnect any active VPN clients and ensure your device is set to automatically obtain an IP address.

    If you have a laptop, unplug the wired network connection or disconnect it from the docking station.

    Mac OSX Lion/Mountain Lion users: If there is an error loading the website in the pop-up browser, you may need to use another web browser or temporarily disable any proxy setting on your device. The website can also be accessed at:

  • My device keeps connecting to Connect2UoM instead of UniWireless. What should I do?

    You should delete or forget the Connect2UoM network from your wireless network settings.

  • How do I remove the wireless profile from my machine?

    On most devices you can delete the wireless network as you would normally from the wireless network settings.

    On Apple iOS devices: Open the Settings app, select General and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Select Profile and the wireless network you wish to delete. Press the Remove button.

    On Mac OSX devices: Click on Applications in the dock and select Utilities. Open the Keychain Access application. Select the 'login' keychain and 'all items' category. From the list, delete any item that contains UniWireless and/or Eduroam.

  • I have an Android device without Google Play (Marketplace). How do I download the app?

    You must search for Cloudpath XpressConnect using the app store that was already installed on your device. For example, Amazon Kindle devices must download apps from the Amazon app store and Pendo devices from the 1Mobile Market.

  • I have an Android device without a 3G or 4G connection. How do I set up my device?

    You will need to configure your device manually using a configuration guide while on-campus.

  • I was using Connect2UoM and it disconnected. What happened?

    The Connect2UoM network is designed to timeout after 10 minutes. If you are disconnected, simply connect to the network again to access the website.

  • I cannot download the tool using the popup browser on Mac OSX Mountain Lion. What should I do?

    Security settings may be preventing downloads from within the popup browser that appears when connecting to Connect2UoM. Simply leave the popup browser window open and launch Safari or another web browser. You may need to type into the address field.

  • The tool displays an error stating that it cannot contact the server. What should I do?

    You may no longer be connected to the Connect2UoM network due to the 10-minute timeout or have antivirus software installed that is blocking the network connection. You will need to configure your device manually using a configuration guide while on-campus.

Using UniWireless on-campus

  • What can I access on UniWireless?

    You can access all websites, email, VPN and instant messaging services. Access to some local services such as network drives and printers may be restricted by your department.

  • Is there a cost to use UniWireless?

    UniWireless is a free service provided for University of Melbourne students and staff.

  • How secure is my data transmission on UniWireless?

    UniWireless encrypts traffic from your device to the wireless system, so transmission of your data is secure.

  • I have lost my wireless device and my password was saved on it. What should I do?

    You should immediately visit to reset you password.

  • Why does the authentication box repeatedly appear in my web browser?

    If you are repeatedly prompted for your username and password when accessing the Internet on UniWireless, you may have entered an incorrect password or you are over your quota.

    The quota for external Internet websites is 1GB for staff and students per week. This includes usage from both the UniWireless network and lab computers.

  • How do I delete the stored username/password on my device?

    There are several methods for deleting stored usernames and passwords, specific to each operating environment.

Accessing Eduroam off-campus

  • What can I access while using Eduroam at another university?

    The exact restrictions applied are decided by the host university. At the very least, you should have access to external websites.

  • How do I access my University of Melbourne network drives off-campus?

    If the host university permits outbound VPN connections, you may use the University of Melbourne Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Access to network drives via VPN may be restricted by some departments.

  • I am having difficulties connecting to Eduroam at another university. What should I do?

    Try running the device configuration tool again and/or seeking the assistance of University of Melbourne IT support staff. If your device is correctly configured as per this website and working correctly at other universities, there may be an issue at the host university.